Pippin Title Raises $8 Million to Disrupt Real Estate Dealmaking with AI-Enabled Title Search

Pippin Title | LinkedIn

Pippin Title, a title technology and mortgage service information provider, today announced it has completed $8 million Series Seed and seed extension rounds. The investment is led by Deciens Capital, joined by Big Sky Capital, Joe Mansueto (founder of Morningstar), Caruso Ventures, and the University of Chicago Endowment.

Pippin Title offers comprehensive title search across all 50 states with standardized data output for both residential and commercial real estate transactions. Pippin Title helps insurers, banks, and mortgage service companies stay ahead of the competition with its proprietary title ordering and tracking platform, automated title searches, and nationwide network of title searchers.

Pippin Title raised a $5 million seed round in 2021, and then raised an additional $3 million seed extension in 2023 amidst the VC funding downturn. Big Sky Capital, Unpopular Ventures, T-Bird Capital, and NKM Capital joined the seed extension. The funding will be used to expand Pippin Green, which applies its title data to renewable energy projects including wind farms, solar farms, and electric vehicle charging stations.

Since expanding into green energy, Pippin has partnered with a wind energy company with 3.1 million customers and a solar power company providing energy in more than 20 states.

“When the mortgage market took a downturn, we were able to find other ways to use our data in a growing sector – green energy,” said Pippin Title co-founder and CEO Bharat Das. “As nebulous as the title process is for residential real estate, it is even more complicated for firms trying to build solar farms, wind farms, and electric vehicle charging stations. Our commercial data is easy to digest and makes the process seamless for clients helping to tackle climate change.”

“Real Estate and title search in particular have been long overdue for disruption and we see tremendous opportunities in these sectors. Pippin technology is by far one of the most advanced and primed for making a positive impact”, – Jahn Karsybaev, Managing Partner at Big Sky Capital

Pippin’s unique application of artificial intelligence and large proprietary dataset helped it raise in an unfavorable climate.

“The title industry was almost unchanged for 100 years, until Pippin Title emerged,” said Ishan Sachdev, general partner at Deciens Capital. “Pippin proved to be a powerful disruptor in mortgages. Still, when the mortgage industry began to decline, Pippin was able to pivot and find innovative ways to use its technology. Deciens Capital is proud to lead Pippin Title’s Seed and seed extension rounds.”

More than 150 corporate customers use the Pippin Title platform today, including publicly traded insurance carriers, national retailers, and global utilities.

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